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                                                                                                        But, that does not mean that every Wi-Fi connection would be a better option over mobile data. Looking For Something? To accurately compare how much bandwidth each specific video conferencing application uses, I first did a bandwidth test with nothing more than a single static tab open in my browser. Once you do this, you will have it on your device and you can use it similarly with Skype.      

How much data would a one hour zoom call use

  3 rows · Zoom uses roughly MB GB of data per hour for a one-on-one call, and MB GB. Jan 03,  · From Google: Zoom uses roughly MBGB of data per hour for a one-on-one call, and MBGB per hour for group meetings. Mobile users will likely consume slightly less data due to Zoom optimizing its bandwidth based on your connection. 3 rows · Jan 25,  · How much data does Zoom use per hour? Zoom uses about MB of data per hour, depending.    

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