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How do you log into zoom meeting. Getting Started with Zoom Click here to ENTER
                                                                                                        On the Meeting tab, navigate to the Waiting Room option under In-Meeting Advanced and change the setting to enabled or disabled. You can send all participants to the waiting room when joining your meeting or only guests, participants who are not on your How do you log into zoom meeting account or are not signed in. Secondly, if you scheduled meetings when your account was NOT in the Purdue University Zoom environment, those will continue to work for a short time. Users can still have admin rights over a group of licenses, but will not have as much hkw over those users /4894.txt they would have if they were admins over an entire account.      

– How do you log into zoom meeting

  DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL ZOOM. DOWNLOAD THE OUTLOOK PLUGIN. SIGN INTO ZOOM. ZOOM DELEGATE ACCESS. CREATE A ZOOM MEETING. VIRTUAL BACKGROUND. Enter “une-au” ) into the next screen and continue to the UNE login page to log in with your UNE username and password.    

How to Join a Zoom Meeting.Zoom: Video Conferencing | Purdue University

    In order to use this resource, the instructor must have a Zoom account within the Purdue University Zoom environment. Click Edit this Meeting. What if I previously purchased a license?

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