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Zoom in or magnify your Chromebook screen – Google Accessibility Help Click here to ENTER
                                                                                                        Screeh can adjust the page zoom using the mouse wheel or keyboard hot keys while in full-screen mode. About Users Administrators Developers. How to use the Magnifier The three Magnifier views Magnifier settings Reading the screen aloud while using the Magnifier Keyboard shortcuts to control the Magnifier.      

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In Docked view, the top third of the screen becomes a magnified view of the lower part of the screen. As you move the pointer around the lower part of the screen, the area surrounding the pointer is shown magnified in the top third of the screen. You can resize the docked viewer by clicking and dragging the bottom edge, or by using the following shortcuts:.

If you wish, you can undock the Magnifier window from the top edge of the screen and position it elsewhere. To undock the window, click and hold on the magnified area then drag downwards.

The docked window will become a small floating window. If you choose Full screen view or Docked view you can enable the Magnifier to follow:.

If you choose Lens view can set the default lens size. The blue shape, in the image below, is the size of the lens in relation to the whole screen. Adjust the vertical and horizontal sliders to resize it. While using the Magnifier you can have text read aloud by using keyboard shortcuts or the controls embedded on the Magnifier itself. To change these:. Note: If this does not work it could be because someone else manages your computer settings an IT department or administrator.

If this is the case, you will need to contact them to access these settings or for further help. Our website uses web cookies in order to ensure you are provided with the best experience when navigating on our website. Read more about what cookies are and how they work in our Privacy Policy. This website works best with Javascript. Call our free helpline How to magnify the screen in Windows Select Magnifier from the results to turn it on.

The magnifier controls will appear onscreen. To zoom out: Press the Windows logo key and – minus. Or select the – minus button on the Magnifier controls. Or select the X close button in the top-right corner of the Magnifier controls. The three Magnifier views There are three Magnifier views to choose from: Full screen , Lens , and Docked full descriptions below. Full screen view In Full screen view the entire screen is magnified.

Lens view In Lens view only a small part of the screen, surrounding the mouse pointer, is magnified. Docked view In Docked view, the top third of the screen becomes a magnified view of the lower part of the screen. How to undock the docked magnifier to create a floating window If you wish, you can undock the Magnifier window from the top edge of the screen and position it elsewhere. Magnifier settings The view can also be changed in Magnifier settings. To open Magnifier settings: Select the settings icon on the Magnifier controls.

Select the Go to settings link. On the Magnifier settings page, you can customise the following settings: Magnifier options Change the zoom level – Set the default level of magnification. To change this, click on the dropdown menu and select the desired level. Start Magnifier after sign in — Tick the checkbox to start Magnifier whenever you sign in to Windows. Start Magnifier automatically before sign-in for everyone – Tick the checkbox to enable the Magnifier on the login screen.

Smooth edges of images and text – Text and images can become blocky and jagged when magnified. Smoothing attempts to make sure that they remain smooth and easier to read. Move between other apps in full screen: Swipe left or right on the trackpad with three or four fingers, depending on how you set your trackpad preferences. To stop using the app full screen, move the pointer to the green button again, then choose Exit Full Screen from the menu that appears or click the button.

To work in a bigger window without going full screen, you can maximize the window; the window expands, but the menu bar and the Dock remain visible. See Maximize or minimize app windows. Press Control-Up Arrow or swipe up with three or four fingers to enter Mission Control, drag a window from Mission Control onto the thumbnail of the full-screen app in the Spaces bar, then click the Split View thumbnail.


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