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Steps to install Zoom on Ubuntu .How to install Zoom client on Ubuntu LTS Linux – Linux Shout Click here to ENTER
                                                                                                        Oct 20,  · How to Install Zoom on Ubuntu LTS Step 1: Prerequisites. Step 2: Update Your Server. Before installing any package it is always recommended to run update once using apt update Step 3: Install Zoom. There are few ways to install Zoom on Ubuntu LTS. We will see all the possible ways. Feb 19,  · Update the software repositories on Ubuntu with the following command: sudo apt update Step 2. Upgrade installed packages on Ubuntu with the following command. sudo apt upgrade Step 3. Now install the Zoom app using snap command. sudo snap install zoom-client Method 3. Install Zoom from the Debian Installer Package. Nov 21,  · Download latest zoom client from this website. Then open the folder/directory that has this zoom file and then follow and of the two steps: NOTE – type sudo apt remove zoom-client in terminal to remove the old Zoom from your PC before installing the new one. Easy way Double left click the downloaded file and install from Ubuntu Software.      

– How to update zoom on ubuntu 20.04

  Step 4: Launch Zoom. Installs zoom and all the required dependencies cd Downloads wget sudo apt-get -f install./zoom_amddeb. › post › how-to-install-zoom-on-ubuntu    

How to Install ZOOM on Ubuntu Focal Fossa – Weekly Newsletter


In this article, I will take you through the steps to install zoom on ubuntu Zoom is a cloud based video conferencing application that allows you to setup audio and video conferencing, live chat, webinars and other online events. It also provide the feature to record the session so that you can use it later.

It comes with both free and paid plan. You can check Zoom official Page to know more about its usage. Before installing any package it is always recommended to run update once using apt update or apt-get update command. This will ensure the updation of all the packages with the latest version available from Ubuntu Repo. There are few ways to install Zoom on Ubuntu We will see all the possible ways below that can be used based on your tools availability and requirements.

To install zoom directly as snap, you can use snap install zoom-client command as shown below. Another method to install zoom is by downloading the zoom package from official download page. You can select the OS architecture to get the correct zoom package and then use wget to download the package directly to your local directory.

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