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                                                                                                        Why Can’T I Get Zoom On My Chromebook? Zoom would stop working on Chromebooks as a result of you need a new web-based application for them. In. Why Cant I Download Zoom On Chromebook? Zoom isn’t usually available in the Google Play Store if you have a Chromebook installed. If you do.      

Why isnt zoom available on my chromebook


With social distancing becoming the norm during the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s certainly added a new chapter in how we communicate. Zoom is one of those particular tools that folks defaulted to because it was already on their work computer.

The good news is that it’s an excellent app for video chatting with several people at a time. And if you’re logging in from a Chromebook, there are a few ways to install the app. Note that since these are not the desktop versions of Zoom, they’re not as full-featured as their Mac and PC counterparts. For instance, both the Chrome version and Android app version of Zoom don’t offer the nifty custom background feature, where you can upload a scene of your liking to help cover up the real-life mess you might have exhibited behind you.

Zoom offers a native extension for the Chrome browser in the web store, and it installs seamlessly on Chrome OS. Once you’ve installed it, launch the app and type in your login credentials. When you launch the Zoom extension in Chrome OS, you’ll be able to join a meeting or start your own.

The Chrome extension offers similar functionality to that of the desktop version. You can start a call or invite and boot participants. You can share your entire screen or a specific app that’s already open on the Chrome desktop. Zoom for Chrome also offers meeting analytics, cloud recording, text chat, and mute on entry.

When you’re finished with your Zoom call, close the window or close out of the meeting in the Chrome notifications panel. The smartphone-calibrated version of Zoom works on Chrome OS, though it can be tedious to use. The Android app works much like its Chrome counterpart. You can hop on a call, mute yourself upon arrival, or start a new meeting.

You’ll have to give the app permission to display over other apps for screen sharing, however. When you’re finished with your Zoom call, end the call from the Chrome OS notification shade or by closing out of the app.

Running the Zoom app on Android can be a bit tedious. The app is best suited for smartphones rather than Chrome OS, and when you expand the window, the app acts as if it’s functioning on an Android tablet.

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